Multi-Media Spray

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125 ml

Made in France

Do not use on TV screens

Hagerty Touch Screen Spray: Cleans and removes marks and greasy fingerprints from your phone, tablet and computer screen.  It's easy to use, works instantly and won't cause micro-scratches or marks on the screen.  Dust, scratches, grease and finger marks can impact a screen's performance, especially those that are very touch-sensitive.  For optimal performance, clean your screens regularly.

It's easy to use ... turn off the screen, apply the Hagerty Multi-Media Spray to a soft cloth (not directly on the screen) and rub softly until clean.

Do not use on a TV screen.


  • Turn off the screen. 
  • Apply Hagerty Multimedia Spray on a soft cloth and not directly on the screen.
  • Rub softly the screen until there are no marks left.