Cooktop Care

Price $9.95


500 ml

Made in France

Hagerty Cooktop Care: Cleans and takes care of induction and ceramic hobs. It allows to maintain, to remove grease stains and any residue without damaging the surface.

The lotion maintains in depth the surfaces.

Cooktop Care contains diatomaceous earth which does not damage delicate induction and ceramic surfaces and which removes well-incrusted dirt without scratching.

The lotion acts rapidly, is efficient and protects surfaces.

Cooktop Care contains an invisible agent which prevents impurities from sticking again to the surface. The lotion has almost instant effects and does not cause any scratches or marks on induction and ceramic cooktops.


  • Apply Hagerty Cooktop Care on the surface with a soft cloth and let dry.
  • Rub softly the surface with a cleaned and soft cloth to remove the excess of product.